About Ruby

Hello and a warm welcome to diamondsruby.com. I want to extend a thank you to all of you who have taken the time out to visit my website and I hope you will join me for the long term, making this the place where you regularly visit to access content relevant to your needs.

Before we get into further details about the website, let me introduce myself.

The Person Behind diamondsandruby.com

My name is Ruby Harrison and I am a professional business and finance blogger. I live in my favorite city in the world; New York, and I share my home and my heart with my husband William. Some people may say that I live a more glamorous lifestyle than most because William is a Diamond Trader. Pretty impressive I know!

Having worked in business and finance through various roles since leaving college, I never really had one end goal in mind as I worked my way up the corporate ladder. Whilst I enjoyed the industry, I never had many aspirations as to what I planned on doing with the remainder of my life. To me, at the time, working was simply a means of paying the bills; nothing more, nothing less.

Then one day, I decided to turn my hand to blogging. Just a small blog talking about the odd business model that I had dealt with that week, or the financial news story that had gotten most people talking that month. Yet, before I knew it, I had amassed a small following and every blog post which I complied began to get some constructive feedback. I guess you could say at this point that I was hooked.

What started out as a kind of discussion blog, soon became a place where people were visiting to get my ideas or recommendations on various financial items and services and, before I knew it, it had quickly become a full-time role. I started exploring topics more suited to the every day reader, too. Soon I was covering everything from how to budget for your weekly shop to using comparison sites like Only Reviews to save in bigger purchases. Meanwhile, William had seen the fire ignite in me and marveled at the dedication I showed to my visitors and the hard work which I put into the blog every day.

However, as most bloggers will know, blogging can take up a lot of time, which isn’t great if you are already in a full-time position. There was only really one thing left to do; give up my employment and commit to blogging. If you know me you will know that I approach every task full on, and this was the only option if I was to keep supplying the demand for my blog’s readership.

A Website Was Born

After many years of William encouraging me to find a career in which I would be happy whilst reaching my potential, I finally succeeded. So, to thank the man who has stood beside me through all of this, it was only fitting that I named my website diamondsruby.com. William is known to all our close friends and family as ‘the diamond,’ and he was certainly my jewel throughout my journey.

Sometimes all we need is that extra push or a little bit of encouragement before we realize our true potential. I believe I was always meant to do this. Blogging and then creating my own online platform was always my calling; it just took some extra time and reassurance for me to finally believe in myself enough to make my dream a reality.

I know that there are hundreds of more people out there that are perhaps desperate to make a change but have neither confidence or guidance to help them make this transformation. This is also a huge part of the reasoning behind the creation of diamondsruby.com. I want to share what I have learned and help further people’s aspirations.

If I have done it, then so can you. Join me on the diamondsandruby.com journey and side by side we will achieve the life we all deserve.