Being a Blogger

When I am asked what I now do for a living, and I say I’m a blogger, I am often met with varying curious looks! Whilst it is perhaps becoming more commonplace to hear of somebody doing this role for a living these days, it still attracts much questioning.

When I became a blogger, it wasn’t just a career choice, it was more of a lifestyle choice. You see, blogging takes up a huge proportion of your life once you commit to it fully, but it has changed my life for the better and given me purpose and direction. Something which I was disturbing lacking before I discovered it.

Making the Decision to Blog Full Time

Perhaps one of the main reasons for the curiosity must be that I chose to go for it and committed to blogging full time. However, I didn’t take this decision lightly and though I thoroughly commend blogging for giving me back my drive and enthusiasm, it wasn’t just as simple as merely waking up one day and deciding no longer to work in paid employment. In short, blogging needs to be a feasible option before you make such a life-changing decision. So, without further ado, let me explain more about my own blogging experience.

Why I Choose to Blog

I like to interact with people, more so I like to write about issues that are relevant. When I first started out, my blog was a mixture of personal and professional. I didn’t start with any intentions as such, rather I wanted to get my thoughts and opinions out of my head at the end of a long day at work – almost like a therapy of some sort.

It wasn’t long before I started attracting a wonderful bunch of followers who had an overall desire and interest in what I had to say. Those feelings that you get when you write and connect with somebody experiencing the same as you are priceless. I began to feel as though my words had the ability to help people and that sensation was unlike any other I had ever experienced.

Blogging Connects People

My blog was beginning to grow at a rapid rate and I found myself trying to gain an extra few minutes at various times of the working day to catch up on the comments being left by its readers. I felt I owed every visitor who had left a comment a message back, after all, they had taken the time to read my blog. It wasn’t a chore to do this – I took pleasure in it.

And then something I would never have anticipated happened – I began to receive requests from businesses and companies to advertise their services and products or perhaps do a write up for them. This was when I realized that my blog was now trending, and I owed it to the people who had been with me from the very beginning to make the most of this rare opportunity that I had been given.

Why I Recommend Blogging

For me personally, my blog lead to a new career path and with a bit of hard work and determination, I know I have been lucky to have been able to give up my job and turn my attention to it on a permanent basis. I realize that this is not a viable option for many people, but this doesn’t mean a blog is out of reach. These days, anybody can begin a blog and in the twenty-first century I strongly believe that there are several advantages to be gained from doing so:

  • Setting up a blog on the hugely popular WordPress platform introduces you to a new skill set, which is always in demand by employers and educational establishments alike.
  • The blogging community is the warmest of groups and most helpful when you approach them for guidance.
  • Blogging allows you to empty your thoughts onto the page and can be a great stress reliever.
  • Blogging is easy to get the hang of and doesn’t need any prior experience or knowledge to get started.
  • Connecting with likeminded people who follow and comment on your posts builds a unique friendship unlike any other.
  • Once you get the hang of blogging, you will want to branch out further and extend your blogging platform expertise!

Consider Blogging for Therapy

Though I have chosen to go the career route with my blogging, this doesn’t mean that it is inaccessible if you merely wish to blog as a hobby or something to do in your spare time. Many a friendship group has been made through blogging as it can sometimes be the place where you write your innermost thoughts and fears, only to find you aren’t alone in them and somebody else, or even many other people feel the exact same way that you do!

Blogging for The Community Spirit

What got me into blogging predominately, that is the community spirit, is what keeps me at it even when the going gets tough. I have believed blogging is the way forward for many years now and I remain a believer that this activity will continue to expand as we move throughout the twenty-first century and beyond.

Find A Free Platform and Get Blogging

An activity that anybody can take part in, what is there not to like about the art of blogging?  If you haven’t yet taken that step and created a blog for yourself, there is no better time than the present. With many platforms, including WordPress, allowing you to start your blog for free, it couldn’t be any easier to write that first post. Who knows, once you’ve got over those initial nerves you may just find that you become a bit of a blogging addict, like me!

As for me, I continue to be eternally grateful to anybody who reads my words and I cannot ever foresee a time when I won’t ever blog. With so many businesses and companies realizing that the average everyday person is developing a love for blogging, and this is where they are to be found, it will soon be impossible to ever remember a time when we didn’t have that wonderful creation of the blog.