Bringing a New Product to Market

So, you’ve had a great idea for a brand new product that’s going to change the world. An idea is one thing, but if you want to bring it to market, then you have to cover all the bases to make it successful. Here’s the process that you should be following…

Create a Design

The first step is to get the idea from your head out onto a piece of paper. The first designs of the product don’t have to be perfect but they should encompass all of the main elements. This might change from time to time, but you want to make sure you don’t lose what makes the product special.

Consider how the design will impact your user. For example, membrane keyboards with braille could make your product more accessible to partially sighted people. This would increase your potential user base and bring you in more sales. Think about ways to do this throughout the process.

Work with a Manufacturer

You’ll find that a lot of manufacturers are based in China, which offer a cheaper way to create the goods you need. You may need to meet with them face to face, or if your design is technical enough that might be enough to put it into production.

Make sure you’re getting high quality products from the manufacturer. If your product is cheap or easily broken then your consumers will know it’s bad before they buy it. Invest in quality components where required. 

Market your Product

If you want to get your product into stores, or even if you want people to buy from you direct, then you have to market it properly. This encompasses everything from the packaging to the promotions that you put out there. As a new product, you have to convince potential customers that this is worth their money.

If you have the budget, then you might want to pay for some ads that help to raise awareness of your product. For those that do so, look back at that initial problem that your product solves and show this to your potential customers. Make it easy for them to love and buy the product.

Improve your Product going Forward

When your products start selling in larger volumes, then you might start to get some reviews back about it. If many of these say the same things, like issues and fixes, then you might want to consider creating a second version of your product. This will allow you to refine the product and make it better based on user feedback.

When you come out with a second version of your product, you might want to send a few complimentary ones out to people that have reviewed it poorly. This is a great way to PR your product and get it out there that you’re open to critique and have great customer service too.

Now that you know the process you should follow, get out there and create your product to share your idea with the world.


Image: Pixabay