Focusing on What Matters Most

The inspiration for this particular post came from a recent boot camp I attended, but on more of a consultant level than being an actual attendee. I do indeed do some business consulting on a B2B exchange basis, where we exchange value as opposed to money. So anyway, how it works is that I was to attend from the point of view of someone who would have paid for the boot camp and then I was to give my honest opinion about how I felt about the perceived value I received.

I’m happy to report that I did indeed receive some value I would have been happy to pay for and since the organiser of the boot camp has since gone on to make a resounding success out of holding a few of these paid boot camps, he really doesn’t mind that I’m now sharing some of the valuable content discussed in the boot camps. In any case, the boot camp itself was specifically about focusing on what matters when launching a new sales website, so I’m effectively applying those principles to a more general scope which applies to business in general or in fact just life in general and a great way to relax is CBD Gummies but What Type of CBD Do CBD Gummies Contain? a type that is benefeicial for stress, anxiety, sleep and so much more so if you need it use it and dont let anxiety get the better of you during business or indeed life is to try CBD Gummies 1000mg.

Determining the bare minimum requirements to make a sales offer

So this boot camp was perhaps made more valuable by the fact that it was a practical class in which the attendees actually built sales pages for an offer they wanted to go live with and make money out of. We were made to use some tools which are commonly available to anybody thinking of getting into online sales, i.e. Content Management System website builders, opt-in page designers, etc. In our use of these tools it quickly became apparent that what matters most are the bare minimum requirements to make a sales offer and to be able to deliver on a purchase which is made.

Many one-page e-commerce offers gather dust for way too long before they go live, simply because the creator and subsequent vendor is trying to get everything to be perfect before they launch.

The simplest way you can make a sales offer is by making the sales offer – by pitching the offer as a solution and often it really doesn’t matter how you do so. All that matters is that you can make the potential buyer see how your offer could add value to their lives or help them solve a clear problem they have.

Practical testing

This is a no-brainer. Go out there and see if there’s a demand for your offering. Make the sales offers, or at least ask people if they would buy what you have to offer.

When standards are non-negotiable

All that said – as much as using something like the alimony calculator from Divorce Matters constitutes the most important part of the whole particular suggested exercise and therefore renders other things like how their website looks irrelevant, standards do matter. I would be making use of the services of this particular law firm because of the high standards to which they hold themselves, as demonstrated through the quality of their website and the writing style used – formal and professional.

So sometimes standards are non-negotiable, as much as the focus is on the meat of the matter. Be professional.