Top Tips for a Smart Working Space

In a world where many of our working spaces have now become a relentless floating around the house act to find somewhere with the least distractions, keeping yourself productive and motivated is likely no easy endeavour. Creating a workspace that ensures you are in a good headspace to really get things done could do wonders for how you’re feeling and where you take your business.

Organisation is key

It may seem like an obvious one, but ensuring you have a space that is tidy, organised and efficient for maximising productivity is integral to staying motivated when working from home. Whether it means arranging your files and paperwork into neat compartments, or sorting through your digital folders and arranging work in its relevant order, a tidy workspace is a tidy mind. So try not to let it get overcrowded with coffee mugs and crumb variants and really respect your little workspace.

Try a standing desk

If you find yourself feeling a little lethargic sat in the comfort of an armchair with the laptop on your knee and once it gets to the 3pm mark you feel yourself drifting off then a standing desk might be for you. While it will alleviate any tiredness that is impeding on your productivity it is also better for your health in general. Choose a spot where you can comfortable stand for a few hours, maybe the breakfast bar or a chest of drawers that can act as a desk and take note of how alert you feel compared to being hunched over a desk.

Visuals and Aesthetics

Just like any environment, ensuring it looks nice, feels fresh and it is an area that you feel you can be proud of, will encourage you to spend more time in it and get the most out of its utility. Having a desk close to the window with plenty of light and decorating it with a few plants could bring your workspace to life and make it a little more individual to you. Place a few photographs  in your view to remind you of, perhaps, a holiday or a precious moment and keep in mind your ‘why’. Always reminding yourself of the reason you work or where your business is progressing towards will keep you focussed and motivated even on those off days.

Visual Plans

Having a whiteboard, corkboard or a simple display of your ideas can help organise everything that may feel a little disorganised in your head. Making a plan for where you want to take your business this year could also be a great way to keep you motivated and this goes for just about anything. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, get fit or excel in your career, reminders of your plans, from pinning the Origin Sales listing of your dream home or an image of your business plan for the need of the year can really help you stay in lane.

So whether you live in a city apartment on your own in Shared Ownership in Lewisham or your basking in the chaos of your family home and the joys of homeschooling in Kent, creating a space for work that you love could make a big difference to how 2021 pans out for you.